About Us



Through design and aesthetic, our mission is to provide people with reality, self confidence, and the understanding of what doesn’t kill you, can make you stronger.

Cold State of Mind LLC (C.S.M.) was founded in January, 2018 by a team of creatives and entrepreneurs who shared the common goal of starting a successful streetwear brand. With streetwear, music, entrepreneurship, and creativity as our passions, C.S.M. has 3 main themes and topics that define us and who we are.


We’ll start with our logo, the skull & halo, and what they mean to us. The skull represents death, while the halo reminds us of another opportunity at life, being reborn into an afterlife. This is a true representation of the beginning and end. Both extremes. Cold State of Mind represents the space in between. Life. Reality. The understanding that where there is good, there can be bad, and where there is bad, there can be good.

 “Freedom or jail, clips inserted, a baby’s being born the same time a man is murdered. The beginning and end.”

- Nas

Self Confidence

We encourage everyone to be confident in their own skin and/or way of life. Be at peace with yourself and realize that you need no validation of your own self worth. Self confidence, self determination, self love. 


Growing as a Person

C.S.M. represents the mantra of “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. Pulling inspiration from hip hop artists like Kanye West, Nas, and Jay Z, C.S.M. recognizes that there will be hardships in life, but these hardships can mold and shape you into a stronger human being.


People Helping People

Being a start up, we welcome donations! The proceeds from donations will go to the brand itself and will be used to help fund our creativity, production, and philanthropic endeavors. More Specifically, improving equipment and software, financing manufacturing costs, improving customer experience, funding in house team building activities, funding brand and social awareness events, as well as many other projects furthering our growth as a clothing line. Currently, the C.S.M. team is constructing a strategic plan for donations and fundraising, but as we organize our fundraising campaign, we have generated another way of accepting donations, through Venmo. The link provided is connected to the C.S.M. Venmo page where donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated!


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